Bad Christmas Gifts for Children

Bad Christmas Gifts for Children

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Hello, parents looking for last minute gift ideas!

Christmas is that time of the year where people engage in acts of giving gifts to their loved ones, receiving gifts from those who care about them and celebrating with friends and family. During this time, it is imperative that as the bearer of gifts, you remain keen on knowing the bad Christmas gifts so that you do not get them for your loved ones.

Very Bad Christmas Gifts for Children

This is a list of bad Christmas gifts for children.

Clothes with insulting or mischievous imprints.

These include trousers, shirts, T-shirts and even jackets or any other form of clothes that have imprints that are not respectful. For example, sending a shirt with a middle finger will be embarrassing for most children if they get this as a Christmas gift. This is even worse if it has a quote with the graphic, one that they do not understand and then they get to find out later from someone else.

Gifts you previously owned

Don’t ever do this unless they’ve been terrible all year round. Receiving gifts that were previously your own can be very demeaning especially if they are from someone who knows about them.  Also receiving a gift that you already have and is the exact same copy of what you have from someone who knows you have the same thing is also a bad gift that should be avoided as it eliminates the consideration of value.

Many copies of the same thing

Christmas is a very important celebration, receiving many copies of the same thing can be undesirable. For instance, receiving 20 pair of socks is something that one would consider unthoughtful and inconsiderate because one should only own so many pairs of socks.

A book with a bad message

Imagine receiving a book that is titled “Kids dealing with cancer” as a Christmas gift when in fact you have the chronic disease. This is a bad gift as it inspires depression at least for that particular moment. Being a day of celebration, gifts are supposed to make the day all the more exciting and therefore good messages would be a plus on your side.

A toddler aged toy for a young child

Christmas gifts should be able to suit age and appropriateness so that it serves its intended purpose. Giving out a baby gift can be considered as an insult to the child.


Christmas is one of the grandest days in the year and is met with a lot of merry and excitement. For this reason, it is ideal that the gift to be given will guarantee the recipients happiness. If you don’t know what to give them, keep it simple and give them a gift card or t-shirts of their favorite things.

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