Tees With Big Smile Emoji

😄 Best Tees With Big Smile Emoji

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It is extremely easy to understand why the big smile emoji is the favorite of all the different emojis available.

😄 This little symbol with its bright yellow background, oval eyes, and wide grin will make most people smile

The large smile emoji is so well liked there at least 10 different smile emojis based on the original smile emoji. Opened eyes, closed eyes, pink cheeks, smiling angel emoji, and smiling emojis in cowboy hats and several more.

Tees With Big Smiling Emoji

This popular smiling emote has been at the forefront of what could be called the emoji revolution.

Not only are there various styles of smile emojis, but this emoji has also spawned sleepy faces, surprised faces, angry faces, and downright evil faces. When the smile emoji and its offshoots did not express everything then other emojis were created many not using any part of that smiling face.

Today you can find an emoji to express a number of different ideas. Many graphic designers are taking these emoji designs and putting them on various apparel such as tees and hoodies.


It is hard to imagine how one smile emoji could have spawned a way of communication that in some ways is reminiscent of the ancient people who carved pictures into stone to communicate only we are simply pushing a key in order to “carve” our picture as part of our communication system.

Interesting enough this big smiling emoticon is slightly different between different apps. For example, the Mozilla big smiling emoji has ears and the WhatsApp big smiling emoji has eyes that look like chocolate candies.

Some smile emojis have thick black rings around the yellow face, some have thin black rings and others have no rings at all. However, all of these cute smile emojis are easily recognizable.

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