Tees With Emoji Symbols

🔥 5 Best Tees with Emoji Symbols

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⭐️ Emoji symbols have been around for years. ⭐️

Ever since the computer became affordable to the average person communication via email, text messages and instant messaging have been extremely popular.

In order to make these types of communication more fun and full of expression along came a number of different symbols to express emotions with their own names and their own meanings.

Tees with Emoji Symbols 🔥

We have listed a few of the most popular black t-shirts with emoji symbols on the front.

Emoji Meanings on Tees

We see all these new emojis on t-shirts these days but what do these emojis mean? Well, emojis, or emoticons, are created by using symbols on the keyboard to represent an expressive emotion. Simple right!?

Also, the first smiley face emoticons invention has been credited to Professor Scott Fahlman a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. This smiley emoticon became used as a way to show someone was being humorous or sarcastic in situations where the words themselves might be misconstrued. Then it took off and became fun for people to use to make their emails and messages more interesting and fun. Other emoticons soon followed and these symbols soon became a common part of communication via emails and messaging.

Emoticons were used quite regularly until emojis were developed and came into use. Emoticons were a simple way to express emotions quickly but soon became a fad since they added fun to people’s emails and messages which made writing and creating these messages much more fun.


Emoticons also play an important role since so much of our modern day communication is achieved through text. When we speak to someone in person their facial expressions and their voice conveys richer meaning to the words they speak making the communication between two people clearer.

When speaking on the phone, our tone of voice adds to the communication, however, with the written word there was nothing to add to the meaning of the words until emoticons came into play. These keyboard symbols allow people to add deeper meaning to the words they write than just mere words convey on their own. These symbols allow people to convey humor, sarcasm, and other emotions that simple words may not clearly express.

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