Tees With New Emojis

8 Best Tees With New Emojis

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These new emojis are beautiful graphics creations. Graphic designers are paid so much to create these modern emojis for companies.

An emoji is one step further along on the evolution scale than the simple emoticon. Although some people confuse or mix the two terms emoji and emoticon they are different.

The emoticon is made by using symbols on the keyboard and emojis, on the other hand, are a small image that is designed to express facial expressions, an entity or a concept. Funny thing is that these modern emojis are actually pictures rather than symbols.

Tees With New Emojis

We have listed several of the popular tees with new emojis.

Emojis were invented in Japan in the early 1980s with the smiley face being the most popular of these images. Over the years more and more emojis have been added to the images until these images represent everything that not only expresses emotions but other words as well. 塔

There are also a number of yellow faces that are played on the original smiley face, such as winking faces, embarrassed faces, faces with frowns, face with hearts for eyes and so much more. There is even a dark brown emoji that looks like a Hersey’s kiss with a face, which is really an image that stands for a pile of poop!

An emoji can be an image of a hand or pair of hands, thumbs up or down, people walking or sitting, animals, the earth, footwear, food, the list is endless with new ones being added every so often.

There are even special holiday emojis to spread holiday cheer. Some people write entire messages using nothing but emojis to make it fun for the reader who feels like they are deciphering a code.


Today most people know and understand what an emoji is, although the meaning of different emojis are not always clear and can vary from culture to culture. So it is possible to easily misunderstand what a certain emoji means like the woman who sent her son a poop emoji thinking it was chocolate!

While some people find the use of an emoji annoying others find them incredibly useful. Regardless of how you feel about the emoji, there is little doubt that these little images make emails and messages a little more colorful and fun.

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