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❤️ Cute Heart Emoji Gifts

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The heart symbol or heart emoji means exactly what you think it means. Love. ❤️

This simple straight forth symbol can basically be used by anyone.

Parents can send this symbol in a message to their children, brothers to sisters, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives and even friend to friend to friend.

Heart Emoji Meanings

Some of these heart emojis have secret meanings these days.

❤️ The pink/red heart symbol is usually used to show love or simply flirt.

💙 The blue heart symbol can be used for showing peace or deep love.

💛 The yellow heart symbol normally means love or hope.

💜 The purple heart symbol usually means compassion or a deeper understanding.

💚 The green heart symbol can be used to show growth in love.

🖤 The black heart symbol can mean sorrow/grief… or can be used for dark humor.

Many of these new heart emojis were just created while others have been around for years. So, if you’re ever confused by these heart emojis, simply ask before assuming anything. 🤷🏽‍♀️


The heart emoji symbol was around long before emojis became a thing.

The heart symbol was on suit cards and Valentine cards years before the emoji was a thing. Like the standard smiley face emoji the heart symbol is something that most people relate to and in most cases (the black heart being the exception) brings a measure of happiness when seen in an email or message.

No matter what you think about heart emoticons/emojis, they look like they are here to stay and have become a part of our daily communications when sending emails and texts.

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