Top 10 Things Teenagers Buy Online

Top 10 Things Teenagers Buy Online

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So you’re looking for something to buy your teenager? 

Well, the majority of American teens say they only shop online these days. And since you’re here looking for ideas, you’re already off to a great start.

Knowing what your teenagers like will make this easier, however, you’re here for ideas! So let us help you out with a few recommendations based on the top 10 things teenagers buy online.

The Top 10 Things Teenagers Buy Online

Amazon is the undisputed king of the e-commerce jungle in this regard. Amazon is the preferred shopping website of 41% of US teens, according to a seasonal survey of shopping habits of teenagers.

Statement T-shirts

For some time now, the statement T-shirts are the way teens and even younger kids are expressing their attitudes and stating who they are. Since they are available on Amazon in different colors and with various inscriptions, they are sure that every teenager can find the winning combination.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos rank 2nd on top things teen buy on Amazon list. They are the easiest and painless way to get a tattoo you’ll never regret. After all, it only lasts between a few days and two weeks. Amazon’s bestsellers definitely look real. At least for a short period of time.

Bluetooth Headphones

Music makes everything easier, right? A new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones is something all of us want. It’s not just a teen thing. The best part is that wireless doesn’t mean a bad sound anymore – just check out Amazon selection for both boys and girls, and see for yourself.

Jogger Pants

Luckily, athleisure became a trend among teens, and walking around the city in joggers and sneakers is now desirable. Even those teenagers who like to dress up embraced this trend. Joggers look and feel comfortable, plus they can pair up nicely with a regular top.

Fidget Spinners

So, what makes teenagers crazy about these little toys which rank 5th on the list of things teens buy on Amazon? Some use ‘em to relax; some even claimed they are “perfect for anxiety, autism, ADD and ADHD.” While ADHD is still questionable, there’s no doubt that they’re fun!

iPhone Phone Cases

Nowadays it seems that smartphones and iPhones are an extension of teens’ hands. In most cases, it’s probably the most valuable thing they own, not just figuratively speaking. So, with phone cases, they are not only protecting their “wealth” but also expressing their style. This is one of the must-have top 10 things teenagers buy on Amazon because everyone needs a phone case!

Room Décor

Once again, we are talking about different ways teens are expressing their personality. So, we all know that teens’ bedrooms are the “safe zones” for them and it is one of the top things they buy on Amazon. Since most of them are design-conscious and keep an eye on the latest trends, you can expect to see innovative materials, exciting designs and various colors in a ten square meters of their kingdom.

Converse Sneakers

Converse shoes are not only the basic shoe choice of teenage girls, but they can use them with almost any outfit, being a multifunction shoe. For many boys, a girl wearing a pair of white Converse sneakers is much sexier than a girl in high heels.


Whether it’s because of that rebellious attitude skateboarders have, or the community that supports self-expression, skateboarding is still cool and one of the top things teens buy on Amazon. How amazing is it to “ride with all the wheels in the air, right? Then, order one of the best Amazon sellers for your teen.


Backpacks are one of the things teens love to buy online. Teens make a stunning first impression on their first day of school while wearing their brand new stylish backpack, ‘cause it’s not just a way to transport their books, but a way to express their distinctive personality.


Teenagers aren’t running to stores to buy stuff anymore. So if you want to get a good gift for your teenager then you’ll want to go online and try buying something unique from an online retailer. At the time Amazon is #1 but there are many other online retailers offering nice things.

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