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The winking emoji can have a different meaning for depending on how it is used. Like the smiley face, the wink emoji differs slightly depending on the company.

Most companies will have the left eye closed in the wink, however, Firefox has the right eye closed to form the wink.

😉 One major company wanted to have their wink emoji face designed with a brown ring around it, which is different because most companies wink emojis have a black ring. And the mouths of the wink emojis are somewhat different between the companies as is the yellow tone of these emoticons. Some of the yellows are bright while a few are a dull yellow.

Winking Emoji Face Meanings

The wink emoji may mean approval, be sent as a flirt, suggest a secret or hidden meaning, or simply be used to indicate general positivity.

If you suggest meeting someone at a local bar and they send back a wink this generally means that are agreeing to meet you. Dating sites often use the wink emoji to indicate a guy or girl who likes your picture or profile. Or you can simply send a wink to show someone who asks that you are feeling good or having a good day. And of course, a wink can often suggest a hidden message is being sent or that a secret is being shared through emails or messages.


With animation, you can actually see a smiley face emoji wink giving the feeling you are really winking or being winked at. The wink emoji in some people’s mind can also take in a sexual connotation like a guy sending a girl a message and saying “I enjoyed our date last night…” with wink indicating they hooked up not just had a date.

In the end, the winky face can be completely innocent and playful or can, when used in the wrong way to the wrong person be a complete insult. So the wink emoji is one emoji you really have to understand how to use properly.

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