What to wear with a black t-shirt

What to Wear With a Black T-Shirt?

Parents, are you trying to figure out what looks good with that black t-shirt?

Although with black everything goes, not everything looks good with it.

With black t-shirts, just a change in your Converse shoe color or even shoelace color can make the outfit look amazing. This is why parents who want their kids to look cute or cool in black t-shirts tend to wonder about what to wear with it. It is possible for different clothing combinations to have a positive effect on your child’s overall outfit.

Hopefully, we are able to help you make a better decision when it comes to finding something nice for your children.

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Parents with Boys: What to Wear With a Black T-shirt

So, your boy wanted a cool black t-shirt like that trendy Star Wars or Spiderman tee. Games or movies characters printed on a shirt is the envy of boys as it awes their friends. Everybody wants to see their favorite character on the boy’s t-shirt.

For a great outfit to match, you can consider the following:

Blue Jeans and Blue & White Sneakers

A blue jean worn with a black t-shirt looks great on boys for any occasion. Either long or short, both are great. As a match, consider a sneaker with a blue cover and a white sole ― if you want something hip. You can then finish this off with a black or grey school pack depending on your choice if you are dressing for school.

Red Jeans and White Sneakers

Don’t condemn red yet. As stated earlier, sometimes the difference in an outfit may be the texture. When choosing red jeans, consider a plain and smooth one. Do not get this with a black shoe even though black goes with anything, dress your kid in white sneakers instead of black sneakers.

Grey Jeans and Grey Shoes

When you want to try a grey short or long jeans, make sure you already have grey shoes. Imagine a black t-shirt with grey jeans and then a red sneaker ― looks lousy? To prevent yourself from embarrassing your son, try imagining how awesome the combination will look. There are instances when similar colors can look better simply by matching the same colors with different textures.

Parents with Girls: What to Wear With a Black T-shirt

Now let’s talk about the girls. This stage of a girls’ life is when their dressing style is everything. Usually, girls will decide to stick with the outfit style you make them wear at this age till the end of their life. So don’t screw this up as they may grow and even gain some positive popularity… none of that shallow popularity stuff.

To dress your girl in a black t-shirt, consider the following match:

Black Pant and Black Shoes

Girls from the 80s, 90s, and even now can definitely get away with wearing black pants with black shoes. The only problem with this style is that it must be worn with something slightly different in colors such as a puff coat or jacket. To dress your awesome girl, try to match the black t-shirt with black jeans and shoes. This combination will allow her to have an option for future combinations such as a navy jacket or even a green jacket. Nothing too bright as this may take away from the base style.

Blue Skirt and White Shoes

As one of our team members pointed out, blue jean skirts can look nice with any type of black t-shirt, graphic tee, or unique fabric top. Blue jeans or any skirt type of your choice can work. In case you don’t know which fabric to get for your girl, simply ask her. Ask her about her style of shoes as well because you’ll waste time picking the wrong white shoes. If she is athletic, brands like Under Armor and Nike will do just great.

Any Color Jeans/Skirt and White Shoes

In case she already has several jeans or skirts, then you probably should just take time and see what looks good. She may simply need your help. Just ensure that the colors are not too bright or too dull if she isn’t comfortable with trying new styles. Luckily, white sneakers usually look nice when any color jeans or skirt. Anyway, this is your time to bond with your daughter so combine stuff and see what looks awesome!

All Parents: What Not to Wear With a Black T-Shirt

Here are a few tips on what not to wear with a black t-shirt.

Do not try to match more than four colors when dressing your boy or girl. An example of this is trying to match a black t-shirt, with yellow jeans, blue shoes, and a green cap. This can be too difficult to color balance for most parents. If you’re not a fashionista, you’ll probably need some assistance with matching these colors.


It can be a challenge when it comes to buying cool looking outfits to go with those black t-shirts.

However, your children will appreciate all of your time used for finding something to go with their outfit; you really deserve a trophy. You wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t care about your boy’s or girl’s style.

Always remember to take pictures of astounding outfits they look cute in. One day when you show them, their appreciation will melt your heart because you did your job as a mother or father to purchase them an outfit and still go the extra mile to ensure it looks perfect.

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